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Our Story

Our Story

Rarely is there one advertising solution that can help a business address all its marketing needs. In fact, taking an omni-channel approach, one that targets ideal customers with the right media outlets, at the right time, and with a consistent message, can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line.

At Oasis Marketing Group PSP we help small to mid-size businesses cross over the great DIGITAL DIVIDE, moving beyond traditional advertising, by integrating digital advertising solutions that truly bring definable value for their marketing investment.

Why Now?

COVID has fundamentally changed the environment that your business operates in. Now more than ever people are open to doing business with new companies. Customers’ and prospects’ normal buying, shopping and living patterns have changed. And even existing customers are looking for new, better, more affordable solutions for their needs and wants.



Potent Digital Advertising Options and Expert Support

Rather than selling a single type of advertising (like billboards, newspaper, or TV), we support your business growth with a wide array of digital advertising options to maximize your advertising investment. You get the benefit of our extensive advertising expertise to help guide you to the right options for your business and target customers.

Digital advertising is proven to:

  • Position you where your potential customers are

  • Connect your services/offerings with people when they are looking

  • Enhance your brand image through contemporary channels

  • Measure the results for your digital advertising investment

  • Increase your bottom line


Let’s Work Together and Find the Right Solution for Your Business


Since 2013, we’ve been dedicated to crafting powerful strategies that shape and ignite brand acceleration. From concept ideation to execution, Oasis Marketing Group PSP is here to help you maximize the power of your marketing investment.

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Display Ads

Display ads go across all devices, appearing on websites or apps. Tell us the geography that you want to reach and we'll use targeting strategies including Retargeting, Behavioral Targeting, Artificial Intelligence, and Keyword Targeting.

People's Shadows

Who We Are

Seasoned Marketing Professionals

First and foremost, we are marketers and creative problem-solvers with a passion for helping others. That is the foundation of our efforts—to help small- to medium-sized businesses grow. We understand because we are small business professionals ourselves, who have honed their marketing and communications skills throughout our professional careers.

Brad Fuhr


Brad created Oasis Marketing Group PSP to help local and regional businesses take advantage of the power of integrated marketing by using a combination of traditional, digital and social media platforms to increase sales and brand awareness.

Brad Fuhr started his marketing career with a fascination for the technical aspects of radio.  He got his FCC Third Class license at age 14 and started at his hometown radio station, on his 15th birthday. He worked his way up the ranks of radio and became general manager of what was to become the highest-rated Alternative rock station in America during his tenure.

Brad moved to the digital side of marketing working with Bonneville Radio Group and Emmis Interactive in Chicago and later moved to Los Angeles to work for Clear Channel and iHeart Media. 

With that experience Brad was able to help traditional radio and publishing companies develop their digital media and sales strategies, consulting for Los Angeles Magazine, Palm Springs Life, San Diego Magazine as well as Frontiers, Los Angeles’ LGBT magazine.  It was this experience that gave him the light-bulb moment and led him to launch GayDesertGuide.com in 2013.

Today Brad continues as e-publisher and president GayDesertGuide.LGBT and is also owner of KGAY 106.5 in Palm Springs. He is a graduate of Central Michigan University. 



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